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The look and feel of the Time to Touch-Type app is deliberately minimalist in appearance and uncomplicated in function. The thinking behind both the Lessons and the Work-Screen is to remove all unnecessary clutter and distractions.

The Work-Screen

The Work-Screen is calm in appearance
and restful on the eye.

The user’s eye is drawn in to focus on the text boxes. The font is clean and presented against a soft background colour. This avoids eyestrain and is particularly important for dyslexic users.

So many young people who have tried to learn with other programs have said how much they appreciate the clarity and simplicity of this app.

The Lessons

As new letters are introduced there is a short, clear and concise lesson. At the heart of the lessons are the clues, which gradually build up a mental picture of the keyboard. Again, the graphics are clean and uncomplicated. The animation presents the finger movement with complete clarity and the user can mimic this movement on the keyboard before moving to the Work-Screen. A voiceover completes the multisensory experience. The tone is often humorous, but never patronising to young learners.

Below is an extract from a lesson introducing the letters G and H.

You have probably worked out by now why we keep repeating GO HOME.

G for G and H for Home. Now you can easily remember where those letters are and which two fingers key them. You can also easily remember the order they come in, because only GO HOME makes sense. ‘Home Go’ is obviously backwards and makes no sense.

At the end of each lesson is a final section ‘What can go wrong?’. This draws on all the experience gained from our ‘face to face’ courses. It shows the most common errors made on these particular letters and how they can be avoided.

Each lesson builds seamlessly on the previous one. At no point is the learner confronted by a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

You feel completely supported, like your hand is being held through the whole process – you can’t go wrong! The graphics are pleasing and uncomplicated, creating a calm learning platform. The app is clear, simple and good fun. It took Georgina a mere nine hours to learn to touch-type.

Mother of 10 year old, Georgina One of the first to use the ‘Time to Touch-Type’ app.

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