Learn To Touch Type as a Family

There can be few more satisfying experiences for a parent than learning a new skill together with their child, especially a life-skill as valuable as touch-typing.

We're both enjoying the programme.
It’s all explained clearly, making it very easy to follow. The clues are great fun and really memorable! It's great.

Mother learning with 10 year old son

The Time to Touch-Type learning method is equally effective for adults as it is for children.

Before Yes Tuition and Training made the decision to solely focus our courses on teaching children, we also ran courses for adults, using exactly the same teaching methods.

The comments below were written by Social Workers who attended our course from the London Borough of Southwark’s Childrens’ Services. They are taken from the Borough’s own course assessment sheets:

This has been the most wonderful training I have been on. I came in a two-fingered typist and now have the wind behind me!
Absolutely fantastic, probably the most useful training I have done since leaving school.
I loved it and it has made such a difference to my work.

Time to Touch-Type is uniquely designed for an adult to learn to touch-type and act as mentor for their child at the same time.

As each new letter is introduced there is a section called ‘What can go wrong’. This illustrates the most common errors on that letter and how to avoid them. The mentor can then use this information to help their child stay on track.

In addition, there is a whole section of ‘Guidance and Tips for Mentors’.  This section suggests ways in which you can help and encourage a younger child to work their way through the course.

A course you can trust:

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