Touch-typing for Schools

A complete, self-contained course, Time to Touch-Type is uniquely suited for school-based touch-typing sessions and clubs.

We love your course!

Head of Learning Support
Trinity School, Croydon June 2023

The dyslexia friendly, multi-sensory, lessons are clearly set out with all the instruction needed.

The unique ‘Tips for Mentors’ section provides a detailed teaching manual based on many years of experience in actually teaching touch-typing within schools.

Our experience of running clubs in schools allows us to anticipate issues and barriers to learning that might occur and suggest how to identify and overcome these challenges.

As a smaller provider we are able to offer a personalised service, seeking to build up a relationship with teachers and to understand the individual needs of schools and their students.

Discounted School Licences

We offer schools a major discount when purchasing annual licences for ten or more users.  For price details or to contact us more generally please use the contact form here.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of touch-typing provision with you, regardless of whether or not you purchase our ‘Time to Touch-Type’ application.

A Proven Track Record

Over the years, with our school-based classes and through the Time To Touch-Type application, we have built successful relationships with many schools, including these and others

  • James Allen Prep (Dulwich)
  • Westminster School
  • Stamford Endowed Schools (Lincs.)
  • Charter North Dulwich
  • Trinity School Croydon
  • Bromley High School
  • Rosemead School (Dulwich),
  • St Paul’s Steiner School
  • Alleyn’s School

A course you can trust:

100% money back guarantee
If not totally satisfied after
completing the first unit.

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